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Mother's Day - the day of love

dzien matkiMother's Day has been celebrated as a national holiday in the United States on the second Sunday of May since 1914. But Catholics have been celebrating a sort of mother's day since the first few centuries of the Church. The fourth Sunday of Lent, or Laetare Sunday, traditionally was a time to return to your mother church (home parish) and leave an offering. For this reason, it was also called Mothering Sunday 

"The word 'mothering' came to have other associations; it became a feast day for the mothers of families. All the children who were away from home went back on that day to visit their mothers, taking with them 'a present of money, a trinket, or some nice eatable, and they are all anxious not to fail in this custom.' The 'nice eatable' was often a mothering cake." It is easy to see how this ancient tradition might have influenced Mother's Day traditions in the United States.

And devotion to Mary, the mother of God and our spiritual mother, in the month of May gives this holiday special meaning. "God, creator and lord of the universe, chose to put himself — tiny, needy and helpless — into the nurturing and watchful hands of a human mother. Since then, every act of mothering — both physical and spiritual — in every time and every corner of the world recollects Mary’s."

Pope Francis pointed out that the parallels between Mary and others mothers include love and devotion to their children, of course, but it also includes great sacrifice and suffering. "It is they, mothers, who most hate war, which kills their children. Many times I have thought of those mothers who receive the letter: 'I inform you that your son has fallen in defense of his homeland ...' The poor women! How a mother suffers! It is they who testify to the beauty of life."

Happy "Mothers Day" for All Moms

The Holy Father added: "A society without mothers would be a dehumanized society, for mothers are always, even in the worst moments, witnesses of tenderness, dedication and moral strength." And they are also crucial to evangelization. "Without mothers, not only would there be no new faithful, but the faith would "Dearest mothers, thank you, thank you for what you are in your family and for what you give to the Church and the world," concluded Pope Francis.

Mother's Day Prayer

"I thank you, Creator of us all, for my mother. I thank you that she gave me life and nurtured me all those years. She gave me my faith, helping me to know you and to know Jesus and his ways. She taught me how to love and how to sacrifice for others. She taught me that it was okay to cry and that I should always tell the truth. Bless her with the graces she needs and which you want to give her today. Help her to feel precious in your eyes today and to know that I love her. Give her strength and courage, compassion and peace. Bless her this day with your love. Amen."

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